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Posted on: August 22, 2009 11:45 pm
For the first time in my Buccaneers fanhood, I'd have to say that I'm more worried about the defense than I am about the offense despite what everyone says about our QB situation. Last week during the Bucs vs. Titans game, the defense allowed Vince Young to complete 9 passes on 14 attempts for 131 yards and a TD (no INTs). I however didn't see the game but I saw some highlights and one of them included a VY bomb to Kenny Britt who didn't even have a DB within 20 yards of him. That's when I got concerned about the pass defense. The Bucs defended Collins much better and had 2 INTs against him. Funny how they played better against the superior passer but struggled against the inferior passer, isn't it?

Now onto tonight's game against the Jaguars. The Jags started out the game playing well. David Garrard threw a 74 yard bomb to Troy Williamson (someone who struggled to make a roster spot in Minnesota). Although that was Garrard's only TD pass of the game, he was still able to throw bombs down field at will, averaging 13.5 YPA. In the second half, Todd Bouman (a bench-stting journeyman) came in and struggled at first. Then as the game came closer to the end, he played better, made a 30 yard completion on a 3rd and 26, led the Jags to a TD within the last minute of the game as if he was John Elway and almost won the game with a 2-point attempt.

So based on what I just posted, do I have a good reason for concern or am I being overcritical? Do you still think QB is more of an issue than the defense? I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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The first sentence of your post tells it all.  So far we've seen some good things from our defense and we've seen some not so good things.  Young guys like Geno Hayes and Quincy Black are certainly shining often.  If he can keep his head on straight, Talib is going to be a playmaker in this league.  Our safety play took a huge hit with the loss to Tanard.  Grimm looked lost out there on Sunday so hopefully either that will be addressed in some way soon.
I think we've seen mixed results from our young trio of DL.   They've been more stout at the point of attack than the Hovan/Sims turnstyle fronm 09 but personally I'd still like to see improvement.  Ruud is still playing like there's cause for concern regarding him being locked up for big dollars and years.  The guy is one of the leaders in tackles every year but there's more than meets the eye there.  Look beyond the stats and you'll see that he gets run over often and knocked around by lineman.  Many of his tackles are at least 8-10 yards downfield and are of the drag down variety.  You will rarely see him making a tackle at the LOS or behind it.  We can use the tough, gritty type of LB that the Steelers showcase.  Hopefully, this is an area we address in the draft next year.  We need a thumper at MLB in addition to a stud DE.  Stylez has looked decent this year but he isn't the long term answer.  I'm not sure about Kyle Moore on the other side.  I'm thinking rotational guy and Tim Crowder also seems better suited for situational pin your ears back pass rushing.  I'd like to see more from Biggers and Lewis.  The preseason hype suggest we have our Ronde replacement but so far I'm not sold yet.  We might need to take a look at Lewis at safety in the offseason.  I remember pre-draft reports stating he might be better suited to play deeper in the secondary.  
Either way, it's football season and the Bucs have opened 2-1.  All three games had their highlights and lowlights but at the end of the day there truly is a lot to be excited about in Tampa Bay.  

Go Bucs!!!!

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